The Rebels have a plan...


Brutally honest, Occasionally weird & No shame whatsoever.

Unleashing their raw authenticity, a collective of defiant rebels has emerged on the Bitcoin Blockchain with a singular mission: SHATTER EVERY CONVENTION!

For far too long, they were bound by the demands of their overseers, but their spirits could no longer bear the burden. They have rallied their strength and audacity, determined to push boundaries to the extreme.

These rebels possess an extraordinary power that shakes everything in their wake. Chaos and disruption trail behind them, for they are truly untamed. Their humor dances on the fringes of the bizarre, their energy is boundless, their hunger insatiable, and their rebellion relentless!

Will the guardians succeed in quelling this uprising and reclaim control, separating the rebels from one another? Or shall these audacious rebels seize the reins, forging a new order on the Bitcoin Blockchain defined by their own rules?